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                          With the new Roosin Wound and eyewash Spray you get immediate and effective care to minor accidents such as cuts and scrapes on the skinor dust and dirt in the eyes. It helps you to minimize the risk of further infection or damage. Roosin Wound and eyewash Spray is a portable, easy to use, saline-based and pain-free spray. It works at any angle, providing a balanced flow rate of sterile 0.9 % saline solution, strong enough for washing away clot and foreign bodies from wounds, yet soft enough for washing the eyes.
                          Ideal for the industrial sector, production industry, laborato- ries, transport of dangerous goods, first responders, law enforcement, firefighters, military and first rescue services, such as disaster relief.


                          Cleanse the nozzle before use by briefly spraying in the air. Place the nozzle approximately 10 cm from the wound or eyes.Press the nozzle and spray onto the wound or into the eyes. Do not let the nozzle touch the wound or the eyes.Do not use if the nozzle is clogged.Do not use if the package is opened or damaged. Stop use immediately if irritation occurs.

                          SCOPE OF APPLICATION

                          The Irrigation solution for eyes and wound wash is mainly

                          used for emergent eyes washing, to ease the pollution and harm to eyes.

                          It can also be used for washing, cleaning the wounds.

                          The product contacts the skin epidermis.


                          1,Quick and easy single hand operation

                          2,Safe, precise and effective rinsing

                          3,Dust cap to protect the spray nozzle from contamination

                          4,Easy to transport, classed as a non-flammable aerosol

                          5,Up to 100% product emptying

                          6,Environmental friendly and fully recyclable


                          8,Sterile solution without preservatives

                          9,Shelf-life: 3 years. Expiry date is shown on the bottom     of the can

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