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                          The paraffin gauze dressing consists of weave of cotton, which has been impregnated with white soft paraffin are used to dress denuded areas. It is non-adherent, non allergenic, gamma sterile Dressing It is soothing, enhances healing in burns, skin grafts skin loss and lacerated wounds.


                          ? Scratch and wound

                          ? Second degree burns and skin plant

                          ? Surgery of nails

                          ? Surgical wound

                          ? Chronic wound: bedsore, leg ulcer, DIAB and etc.


                          ? It is non-adherent, non allergenic.

                          ? A non medicated tulle dressing effectively supports all phase of wound healing.

                          ? Impregnated with paraffin.

                          ? Forms a separate layer between wound and gauze.

                          ? Facilitates air circulations and hastens healing.

                          ? Sterilized by Gamma Radiation.


                          • Need to pack by second degree wound dressing.
                          • This product is disposable. It is sterilized by radiation.
                          • Store in cool place.
                          • For external use only.

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