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                          We sincerely welcome distributors, and our products can also provide OEM.

                          Please fill in the form below for all product and distributor enquiries.
                          Queries for orders or accounts should be directed directly to info@roosin.com

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                          Get in touch...

                          For an informal chat or to see our range of products either here or at your offices, please contact us on

                          +86 0523-86908085

                          or email


                          No. 8 Yuandong Road

                          Kouan Town


                          Taizhou City

                          JiangSu Province CHINA

                          Hot sales

                          • Burn Gel Dressing
                          • Paraffin Gauze Dressing
                          • Hydrocolloid Dressing
                          • Silicone Foam Dressing
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