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                          Transparent dressing provide an adhesive to secure and protect IV start sites or as asecondary dressing over gauze or padding.The dressing are transparent to allow for visibility to the IV or wound.Aspen surgical transparent dressing boast apatented thumb tab design,which guards against curling and allows for easyremoval of the dressing frame.


                          An easy-to-use window frame delivery.Easy remove the over exudates or sweat,which makes it easy to observe the wound.

                          Soft,comfortable,and hypoallergenic,can be applicable to every part of body.

                          Strong viscosity,keep on wound up to 7 days.

                          Transparent dressing applicable for the wrapping and fixing of all kinds of wound.

                          Transparent dressing applicable for the wrapping and fixing of all kinds of wound.

                          Aseptic nursing of postoperative wound,acute injury,wound,small incision and laceration wound and also applicable for the intravenous infusion catheter fixation.

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