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                          The product is a disposable sterile product. The CMC fiber is needle-punched into a non-woven fabric. The dressing absorbs the wound exudate. The exudate is absorbed and quickly penetrates into the entire dressing and forms a gel. It can absorb a large amount of exudate and create and maintain a moist healing environment for the wound.

                          Product performance description
                          a, Absorption of liquid
                          b, Promote wound healing
                          c, Put adhesion

                          Scope of application:

                          Suitable for moderate to severe exudate wounds

                          1) The hydrated fiber can be used after unsealing, but it is not allowed to be reused to prevent cross infection.
                          2) Damaged packaging is strictly prohibited.
                          3) The use time of this product can not exceed 7 days, and the continuous use time can not exceed 30 days.

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