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                          Product is a disposable sterile product,it has excellent exudate management ability, the main componentsof the absorbent layer is SAP(super absorbent pad), can absorb a large number of exudates, and absorption speed is fast,when the exudates be absorbed, it will be firmly locked into the dressing, reducethe risk of wound by dipping


                          Super absorbent dressing is indicated for the moderate to heavily exuading ,such as diabetic foot ulcer,pressure ulcer,leg venous and arterialulcer,first and second degree burns,post-operative wounds and traumatic wounds.


                          1.The hydrophilic wound contact layer transmits fluid to centralcore and dose not adhere to the wound site

                          2.The central absorbent core contains SAP polymer,brings about outstanding absorption and retention capacity

                          3.The dressing locks fluid inside even under pressure,helps to decrease the risk of maceration

                          4.The fluid-repellent nonwoven backing acts as a barrier and prevents exudate strike-through.

                          Scope of application:

                          Used in the wound with a large amount of exudates,such as bedsore, ulcer, diabetic foot ulcer, etc.

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