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                          The dressing contains mainly hydrocolloid CMC, which is hydrophilic and excellent absorption and exudates management.  Hydrocolloid dressing supplies the wound with enough moisture, so that the necrosis tissue of the wound can be hydrated, which improves debridement.  Besides, CMC can absorb the extra exudate and toxin to keep reasonable moisture of the wound and improve the tissue development.  It can let oxygen exchange, prevent microorganisms from passing the semi-permeable membrane, absorb the jelly formed by the exudates and avoid adhesion between the dressing and the wound.  The dressing can be used on operations, burn, abrasion, skin donor sites, chronic wound and healing wound etc.  It is much better for bed sore, ulcer of lower limbs and infected ulcer.


                          ? High absorption level

                          ? Optimum Peel strength

                          ? Minimal adhesive flow

                          ? Provide an optimal healing environment

                          ? For minimal to moderate exudate


                          ?Can be used to control skin ulcer ,leg ulcer and pressure sores;

                          ? Light abrasion wounds;

                          ? Second degree burn wounds;

                          ? Necrotic wound;

                          ? The bordered and standard products are mainly used on light medium exuding pressure sores and leg ulcers;

                          ? The thin products are mainly used on dry to light exuding superfacial wounds, surgical post operative wounds and abrasions.

                          ?It is also used on small wounds towards the end of healing phase.


                          ? Venous leg ulcers
                          ? Arterial ulcer
                          ? Burns 1st and 2nd degree
                          ? Skin graft donor site wound
                          ? Surgical wound
                          ? Ulcers of various origins(venous, arterial)
                          ? Abrasions

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