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                          Povidone-iodine Gauze Dressing is a soft dressing that is not medicated, making it ideal for use with topical antibiotics or antiseptics, CMC povidone iodine of Vaseline elemental iodine.

                          It contains from 9.0% to 12.0% available iodine, calculated on a dry basis. There are three active ingredients: CMC-I, gauze dressing, povidone iodine. CMC povidone iodine of Vaseline gauze can on the surface of wound to form a layer of film, in order to keep the wetting process of the wound.


                          The application is very wide, which can be used in the following aspects:

                          Small cut patches;

                          ⅠⅡ degree burns after treatment;

                          The treatment of pressure ulcers;

                          Ulcer caused by diabetes;

                          Surgical drainage in the sterilization of care;

                          Bacterial skin disease and the treatment of ulcers.


                          Cannot be used for more than 10% body surface area of the wound.

                          Allergic contact dermatitis, light irritation happens sometimes but very few, need secondary dressing bandage, if the packing is damaged or open, please do not use.

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